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Terms and Conditions

Abridged terms and conditions below. Full terms and conditions apply to all customers.

Payment Terms

An account is not deemed to have been paid until funds are cleared.  Interest may be added at the rate of 2.5% per month calculated on the outstanding balance inclusive of interest from the date when payment was due, until made in full as well as any collection charges, legal fees, salvage charges, storage costs and any other costs incurred in the event of late payment.

Reservation of Title

Title in any goods supplied is reserved by us until receipt of full payment.   We have the right under the Wages Protection and Contractors’ Liens Repeal Act 1987 to retain possession of goods until charges are paid.   We are entitled (ourselves or any agent or employee) to come on to your property to uplift and remove any goods supplied, and to sell those goods if necessary to recover unpaid monies.  No responsibility for any loss is accepted by us in this eventuality.  We may also register title to any goods and/or services supplied against your name on the Personal Property Security Register.

Our Liability to You

If not satisfied with any aspect of the goods and/or services when installed or completed, we must be advised within 7 days of installation/completion.  If not, we will have no further liability in respect of alleged defects.  Further, we are not liable for any alleged consequential damages or loss occasioned neither by any claim in respect of the goods supplied or their installation nor in respect of any services rendered.  Our total liability for any loss or damage in such circumstances is in any case the price agreed between us for supply of goods or services.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

Where supply is for business use, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply